My last day as a VA Nanny

My last day was great (not because it was my last day but it went really well). I was able to take Max and Ella to the Children’s Museum. We had so many fun days there and I wanted to take them one last time. It is crazy how much they have grown since I first started. They had so much trouble doing all the things at the museum but now they know how to do it all! We were able to take a picture with Santa as well and I got a key chain (sorry no picture of that). It is a great way for me to see Max and Ella on my keys every day!

Then it was off to Bottoms Up Pizza. It was one of the first places I ever ate when I was in Virginia and the kids love it. So it was a great place to take them on my last day. They did such a great job when we were there, they ate their whole piece of pizza and their french fries! They are growing kids I guess 🙂

The last night Todd and Amy took me out to dinner at Ruth’s Chris. JJ, George, and Whit were there as well. To start off the night we drove out to the airport to bring Whit, Dakota’s doll that she “left” over at the house. Next thing I knew Max, Ella, Whit and I were up in a helicopter flying over Richmond enjoying all the beautiful Christmas lights:) Then we got to land at the restaurant! I felt like a celebrity 🙂 The dinner was great and I loved spending my last night with dear friends.

The morning was great as well, I was greeted with a great big breakfast. We all got to eat together and enjoy the morning. Then it was off to the car, tears were shed and goodbyes were said. It was a good thing I grabbed some kleenex for the road 🙂 It was so hard driving out of that drive way. But the send off was great, both Max and Ella ran down the driveway waving and blowing kisses!

I am shedding a few tears as I write this post about my last day. I have really loved all the time I have spent with Max and Ella and all the other wonderful people in Virginia. Amy and Todd thank you for welcoming me into your home and allowing me to be a part of the family. I miss you all dearly and am already ready to come back and visit 🙂 I LOVE YOU!

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P.S. Any ideas for a new name for this blog?


Last Officail Week Together

So our last week together I decided to jam pack it full of fun things! Here are just a couple of the things we did.
Monkey Joe’s was a blast with Dakota. She had never been there before, so Max and Ella showed her the ropes. She started off very tentative and not wanting to go on any of the big slides. But by the end she was on the biggest slide they have there 🙂 I am so proud of her! At the very end of our time there they all decided that they wanted to go to the bathroom. No problem… wrong. A bathroom trip that should have taken 5 minutes took 15 minutes because they all had to use the “little” potty. It was the only small one there the rest were “big” ones. Then we went to chick-fil-a with JJ, sorry no pictures 🙂

Bass Pro Shop was another place we went. It was a great time. When the weather is cold I always loved taking them there. Plus they had the whole Christmas area set up with free things which was great. They loved playing with all the toys! The NASCAR race set was Max’s favorite. He saw it right when we got in and wouldn’t stop talking about it! Then we were off to look at all the four wheelers. If I could have I would have bought one for Max. He just gets on one and starts smiling. We also went on the only boat that was set up. Max kept on talking about how he went to the boat with daddy.

So our last week together was pretty fun. But the last day was the best! (See next post)

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So as most of you know I am no longer the nanny for Max and Ella 😦 I am really missing them. But along with the end to that chapter I am starting a new one back in Minnesota.

I don’t even know how to summarize my time with Max and Ella. I don’t think it is possible. I had so many fun times and I learned so much. Thank you to Todd and Amy for being my family in VA. I guess the biggest thing to say to all of you in Virginia is THANK YOU!

Tom was so nice to make this lovely video of out last night together. I had a send off like no other. Not sure if many nannies can say that they were flown in a helicopter to dinner for their last night 🙂 (Thank you Whit!)

I love all of you that are in Virginia! But now that I am no longer a Virginia Nanny I need a new title for my blog… any ideas? Hopefully since I am not doing much right now I will be able to keep up the blog again 🙂


Recently we had the opportunity to go to the NASCAR race here. Being from Minnesota, I have no clue about racing and have never been that interested in it. But this was the perfect time to learn all I could.

We arrived to bring all the food for the Helo Air crew. Then we were waiting for the race to start.

The raceway is HUGE! I never thought that many people could be in one place all at the same time. And apparently it wasn’t sold out either. Let me tell you there are plenty of characters to see while you are there. The “best” person I got to see was a man with long hair, bandana on, no shirt and a cigaret hanging out of his ear! So even if you aren’t into racing the people watching is worth it.

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First Day of Pre-School

What a rainy day. But it was the first day of school for many little children out there… including Max and Ella!!!

They had a great time. No tears no problems. Picked them up and the first thing they said was, “I’m hungry”. When I asked if they has cried Ella responded while looking at Max, “No but that girl in the pink shirt did.” Max responded with a, “ahh huu.”

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Three Lakes Park

We discovered a new park! It has a wonderful nature center that has all kinds of animals. They also have people come in to talk about different things. We were there when they were talking about snakes, just what I wanted. They also have a wonderful park, but it was very busy that day because it was Friday. Next time we go we will go during the week.

They also got little cameras. They LOVE them! They are rewards for potty training. I am proud to say that Max officially can wear underwear! Ella… not so much 🙂

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Charlottesville Adventure

We were able to join Mommy in Charlottesville for a night recently. We went to their children’s museum and played around at the outdoor mall. It was SUPER hot so we were only outside for a short time. It was a lovely little getaway. We all got to meet Mommy’s interns at work as well which was great 🙂

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